Solar Crypto Box

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Sun rays ⇒ Electrical Energy ⇒ Crypto currency ⇒ Money ⇒ Mortgage payment

What would you do?
(The pool dilema - true story)

"I bought my first home in a beautiful neighbourhood where over 90% of homes had a pool facing a long and quiet lake. Although we had great facilities in the community - including a major swiming pool by the clubhouse - having a pool in the backyard apparently was a must have for the majority of owners.

Unfortunately the house i was looking to buy did not have a pool. Maybe that was one of the reasons why the home was still available on that crazy "sellers market times" we were facing everywhere in America back in those days. Telling the truth I didnt care. It was an old house, in need of a complete remodeling with no pool, and becouse of that I could afford it.

After buying the property  and paying for remodeling it I had to make a tought decision. The pool with spa and cage would cost me $50k. That was all money  I had remaining. And I had to pay a mortgage of $2,8k per month...

In the other hand  it would cost me around the same to bulit a set of equipments to mine cryptocurrency using solar energy in my garage. My go was to install a system that could be powerfull enought to pay for my mortgage and all the managing costs. It was no easy task but the wind was blowing in my direction: I had opportunity to share this dream with Professor Jr., a Electrical Engeniering and IT cientist specialized in Blockchain and Artificial Inteligence that became very excited about having this journey together.

So I had to make a very important decision: Should I build the pool  and enjoy the sunny days of Florida or use the same sun rays to pay mortgage no more? What would you do if you where me? The answer for that, was what we named "Solar Crypto Box" 

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